6th Annual WOW Symposium    
March 3, 2018

Start High School
2010 Tremainsville Rd. Toledo Ohio 

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The Day

8:30 am    Continental Breakfast      
          Market Place Open
9:00 am    Welcome & 
                   Keynote Address
10:00 am  Market Place Open
10:30 am  Breakout Session 1
11:30 am
12:30 pm  Breakout Session 2
1:30 pm    Break
1:45 pm    Breakout Session 3
2:45 pm    WOW Panel

2015 Program     

Weaving the Stories of Women's Lives

Only $12.00. Includes a box lunch.
            Students - $5.00

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2015 Workshops

Who Wants to Be a Women’s History Millionaire?
Attend this workshop for a fun and entertaining way to review milestones in the history of women and for a chance to win fabulous prizes (or if not fabulous, at least fun). Playing a version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” participants will answer trivia questions and review or learn about the history of women and all our tremendous accomplishments. No previous knowledge is necessary nor should anyone feel intimidated, as there will be lots of “ask the audience” lifelines. March is Women’s History Month- come celebrate!
Presenters: Carolyn Wilson, K. Laverne Redden

Financial Planning for Every Woman
This seminar is designed to offer HOPE (Help Optimizing the Planning Experience) for all women. We’ll cover the information with an emphasis on real people and situations. We’ll answer questions and discuss ways to maximize your current income. You need not have a bundle of money to attend.  
Presenter: Ronda Cobb of Sequoia Capital Management

​Sistas Movin’ On 
Living a happy life following incest and child sexual abuse is often elusive to many survivors and a daunting task for those who seek a happy and productive life. Some survivors seek counseling but stop because they don’t believe they’re improving. Counselors become frustrated because clients are not progressing. Family and partners have no idea how to help. This workshop will assist survivors, partners, family members and professionals to understand a new approach to obtaining happiness following incest and child sexual abuse. By understanding “The Acceptances”, following “The Promises And Permissions”, and invoking “Trigger Busters” survivors will journey to happiness with greater ease and understanding.
Presenter: CeCe Norwood

The average teenager spends more that 10 hours each day consuming media - more than sleeping or attending school. Media is the messenger and an increasing powerful one. Mainstream media bombards children and adults alike with overwhelming messages that women shouldn't be beautiful and sexy, while men should be powerful and often violent. These messages limit children's ideas of what is possible in the world and can have damaging effects on their self-esteem, health and the way they treat others. The Missrepresentation session equips K-12 and university students with the critical thinking skills to question the messages they see in mainstream media daily. It will also give teachers and parents the tools to spark a conversation with their children about their media consumption.
Presenter: LaDonna Knabbs

124 More Years of Unequal Pay?
At the rate of advancement over the past decade, the pay gap between men and women won’t close until the year 2139. The American Association of University Women has worked tirelessly for well over 50 years to eliminate the gender pay gap. Helping pass the 2009’s Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and promoting other legislation. Did you know that the women in Ohio are paid 77% of what the men in Ohio are paid? Luckily, there is a lot that you can do to help close the gap. In this workshop we will discuss this economic issue; you will learn tactics and skills to better negotiate a fair pay and leave feeling empowered. 
Presenters: Michelle Radtkin, AAUW/Toledo branch president; Nina Corder and Michelle Ansara, Co-Founders of Women of Toledo and AAUW members.

Finding Your Emotional Self
Have you ever wonder what happens to your emotions as you reach junior high and high school. You can feel, happy, angry and frustrated all in the same hour. Adolescence with high emotional intelligence (EQ) not only survives during these years, but they also thrive throughout them. During this workshop we will learn how to identify and manage our emotions through dialog and role-plays to understand what it means to be emotionally healthy that can lead to better grades, relationships and overall mental health.  

​More Than Meets the Eye 
For years, in order to escape the pain of her past Marjory Curry has captivated the masses with her smile. In this workshop, More Than Meets the Eye, Marjory reveals the scars that linger after years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Full of detils about Marjory’s personal experiences in forster care, More Than Meets the Eye offers hope for trauma-exposed youth and practical insight for service providers.
Presenter: Marjory Curry, MPA

Dealing With Loss and Grief 
A loved one passes away. A job is eliminated. A marriage ends. A friend walks away. Grief can be found in many aspects of our lives. Most associate it with death, but we all suffer grief, when the unexpected happens and we are not prepared to deal with it. Join Beatrice Daniels as she shares her tools for coping and getting through the tough times as she presents Grief: 101. Beatrice is a grief and trauma coach that has experienced loss firsthand and for more than 18 years, helped those in need through her non-profit organization; A Journey Through Healing.
Presenter: By Beatrice Daniels

Healthy Living 
What do you really want out of life? Most woman want to live with energy, purpose, and feel good in the skin they are in. Diana will share some tips on how to do just that - with a spirit, mind and body approach- it’s more than just eating healthy.-- 
Presenter: Diana Patton

Do You Have Fire In Your Belly?” Entrepreneurship  
What does it take to be an entrepreneur? Do you have the fire in the belly for starting a business? Do you know what is required to start a business? How do you get from point A to B when starting a business? Come to this workshop to get answers to these questions and more!
Presenter: Olivia Holden

A full body, high energy, heart pounding, cardio- workout party. You will literally party yourself into shape quick! It's an exhilarating Latin inspired calorie-burning dance workout. Zumba is not your traditional aerobics class. It is a party. The music is hot. My class also features a live professional Drummer, Rico Rosario and he will have you drenched in sweat as you party the pounds away. For more information on all of the Zumba classes offered at Studio Fitness visit http://www.studiofitnesspoledivas.com/
Presenter: Karen Everage
Keynote by:

Anita M. Lewis-Sewell M.D.
The Lighthouse Road:
A Pathway for Women's 
Health & Wellness
see her bio...

Also Going On:

Creative Space  
Come sit, relax, breathe, and create! We have plenty of supplies and even professional artists to guide you in making a really cool project that you can even take home with you! 

Health Screenings
Women are really good at taking care of everyone- but typically put ourselves last. Not today! It’s your day to take care of you and these health screenings will help!

Chair Massages in the Vendor Area
Thanks to the students and supervisor from Healing Arts Institute, you can get a free 10-minute chair massage! Please feel free to tip these fabulous women! 

Weaving the Stories of Our Lives
Stop by the WOW table in the vendor area to help with our visual display of what links all of us together as a community of women. It’s quick, easy, fun, and will be a powerful image at theclosing

Creative Space